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About PCD

PCD is the abbrevation for: polycrystalline diamond.
PCD is produced by high pressure liquid phase sintering process. An almost easy to grasp description is to be found here:

PCD materials are manufactured with this methode since about 40 years.
Tools made from pcd materials are used in deep-earth drilling (oil, gas), cutting tools for metals, wood, stones and ceramics.

In the field of drawing technique PCD is used for drawing of copper and steel wire and rods in round and in shapes. REDIES is using these materials since long to produce diamond wire dies and customer designed diamond tools.

The developement of the MANT product range is based on this experience.
MANT is an industrial re-design of the PCD-material based on modern methods of metallurgical analysis and a puristic approach in regard of the selection of raw materials.

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