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The NEW PCD MANT MTD-15-005-TSMANT PCD is made from diamond micron powders with blocky grain structure in very narrow size tolerances. Together with metallic catalysts it undergoes the high- temperature high-pressure sintering process. This results in an interlaced compound structure: The polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

Afterwards metallic portions are acid leached. The PCD now is thermostable up to temperatures near 1,000 °C. Thus reducing the risk of cracks at high drawing speeds and high deformation degrees.

The conically cut and polished PCD blanc is pressed into the tungsten carbide ring. The conical fitting surface of PCD and ring gives a better support against the axial drawing forces.

This is the new MANT MTD-15-005-TS.

„Пробы MANT X1 и MANT X2 были без ошибок. Они имеют найлучшие свойства материала всех испытанных образцов“.

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Pollmans
WZL (Werkzeugmaschinenlabor)
RWTH(Высший Технический Университет) Ааchen